Tabu's Fashion Den

Tabu's Fashion Den

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Christina Rajathi is a faculty at the INIFD(International Institute of Fashion Design), Chennai. She is teaching Interior Designing and is also a Fashionista to the core. She loves to dress impeccably and has a good choice in living size King Size. You will always find her dressed elegantly. She belongs to the Feminine and Elegant category of Style which is the present style, dominating this season.

In the first picture she is seen wearing a purple color kurtha with wine color salwar, which is a very rare combination. The wine color dupatta has paisleys woven in gold zari with maroon, green and black that adds richness to the otherwise simple dress. In the second picture, she is seen wearing a red and green combination dress in benarasi silk fabric. Here again the dupatta stands out because of the big paisley motifs. The mango motifs or the paisleys have always been a classic and make any dress look prettier with their mere presence. Of course, Christina is able to carry both the outfits with an eclectic and aesthetic appeal.

Dear Christina,
Congratulations! As a thanksgiving La Princesse would like to present you with a gift coupon. You may kindly check your email for more details. 

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Tips on Preserving Expensive Clothes

Wrap the clothes in white cotton or muslin before storing. This will help in preserving the color and the sheen on the dress.
If you do not plan to wear these clothes for a few months, do not iron it before storing. It is better to iron it just before wearing it.
It is a good idea to air the clothes, away from direct sunlight, twice a year.
Never use napthalene balls along with heavy clothes with zari work on it, as they will get tarnished.
Avoid spraying perfume directly on the zari embroidery of such clothes.
If clothes have perspiration smell, dry clean them before storing them away and remember to give them only to a trusted launderer.
If the clothes have got stained while usage, never pack them inside before getting rid of them. They may turn out to be a stubborn stain.
Fabrics should not be over exposed to sunlight.

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